Meat Selections



Fresh Hams - Plain or Stuffed
Loin Roast - Plain or Stuffed
Spinach & Prosciutto Loin Roast
Broccoli Rabe Loin Roast
Crown of Pork - Plain or Stuffed
Pork Chops – Double Cut
Pork Tenderloin “Filet”
Pork Sausage Store Made
     -10 different kinds available at all times
Pork Cutlets
Pork Spedini
Boneless Pork Chops
Shoulder Roasts
Pork Shoulder (For Pulled Pork)
Country Style Pork Ribs
Baby Back Ribs
Pork Sausage Burgers


Spiral Ham - Half or Whole
A•S Pre-Sliced Baked Ham
Bone-In Smoked Ham


Veal Roast - Plain or Stuffed
Vegetable Stuffed Veal Roast
Veal Shank - Osso Bucco
Veal for Spendini
Double Cut Veal Chops - For Stuffing
Natural Rack of Veal
Nature’s Veal Cutlet’s
Stuffed Veal Rolletini

Cracked Pepper Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon - Plain or Seasoned
Eye Round Roast
Prime Standing Rib Roast
Prime Shell Roast
Boneless Prime Rib Roast
Beef Wellington
Beef Short Ribs
Kobe Steaks (By Order Only)
Double Cut Filet Mignon wrapped in Bacon
Flank Steak
Skirt Steak - Plain or Marinated


Lobster Tails
Jumbo Shrimp
Jumbo Sea Scallops
King Crab Legs
Seafood Salad
Crab Meat Stuffed Filet of Sole
Crab Meat Stuffed Salmon Filet
Sashimi Grade Tuna
Fresh Salmon
Bacala (Codfish)

Crown of Lamb - Plain or Stuffed
Vegetable Stuffed Leg of Lamb
Seasoned Leg of Lamb
Whole Baby Lamb
Rack of Lamb
Crown of Lamb - Plain or Seasoned
Loin Lamb Chops
Lollipop Lamb Chops
Lamb Shanks
“Crapeto” – Baby Goat


Fresh Rabbit
Quails - Plain or Seasoned
Bell & Evans Turkey
Cornish Hen - Plain or Stuffed
Roasting Chicken
Boneless Turkey Breast
Stuffed Chicken Breast with Roasted
Pepper and Asparagus
Stuffed Chicken Breast with:
     -Asparagus/Mushrooms/Fontina Cheese
     -Prosciutto/Fresh Mozzarella
     -Spinach/Fresh Mozzarella
     -Broccoli/Cheddar Cheese
Chicken Pinwheels
Chicken Sausage
Turkey Burgers with Cherries and Pecans
Turkey London Broil